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Meeting with REIGS – Real Estate Investors Group of Saskatchewan

Back in the spring, Anikio was invited to give a presentation for a local group of landlords, property managers, and investors called REIGS – Real Estate Investment Group of Saskatchewan. It was great to be able to speak to a lot of experts in the industry and share a bit not only about what Anikio is doing, but more generally what we all can do to improve the state of the rental marketplace in this city and province. More importantly, it was great to meet such a friendly, welcoming, and genuine people. There were about 40 people in attendance (which I’m told is a smaller meeting for them) but there still wasn’t anywhere near enough time to really get to talk with everyone that I wanted to (i.e. everyone).

As for the presentation itself, I talked a bit about the headaches that landlords have in renting their property and the issues facing tenants and why I created Anikio to try to actually do something to remove or at least reduce those pain points. I also spoke a fair amount on the importance of good visuals and why it’s so important for tenants to be able to not only understand the space before arriving for a viewing, but also to feel a connection with the place, to be able to picture it as a home and feel something beyond looking at yet another empty room.

After our presentation was another presentation… about giving good presentations. It was, as you might expect, engaging and interesting and I’m for the most part glad that I went first and didn’t have to think afterwards about what “rules” I’d broken in my own presentation! Then the group stayed around and mingled and I had a chance to chat with some really great people that I hadn’t spoken with before the meeting. All in all, I not only feel that the presentation was successful at carrying our message (and hope we’ll be seeing more property on the site as a result) but also am excited to start going to these meetings monthly to spend more time in good company (And hopefully learn a thing or two while I’m at it).

I’m not sure that it’s my place to do so, but if you ARE a landlord or property manager, I’d certainly encourage you to come out and attend one of these events. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for the next REIGS event and please come and introduce yourself!

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