Anikio Rental Services
Saskatoon, Canada
(306) 262-2848
Working hours:
9 AM - 9 PM Daily

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    Contact Anikio

    Anikio is a local Saskatoon company run by me, Dean Katsiris, to support the local rental market. I’m happy to help whether by email, phone, messaging, or in person, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything I can help you with!

    Website Help and Listing/Finding Property Questions

    If you are having problems finding what you’re looking for on the website or using a feature, there are a few resources online where we may already have your question answered. Please see the FAQ for some of the more frequent questions (for example: How do I register? How can I list a property? Help with Searching) and the Blog where we have more tips and tricks. Don’t miss our Getting Started post! Otherwise, use the form on the left and we’ll get back to you ASAP (we try to respond within an hour).

    Photography/Video Tour Bookings

    First, make sure that your property will be ready for photography – here’s a handy reference for some of the things you’ll want to have done before we arrive. Pricing starts at $130 for photos and $140 for virtual tours but there are substantial savings for bundling both together. Fill in the form on the left to contact us, and be sure to include a few options for scheduling your viewing. For best results, photos/tours must be shot during daylight hours, typically an appointment for photos or a tour each take 30-45 minutes. Photos will be watermarked with Anikio.com but can be used anywhere you market your rental. Tours will also be marked with Anikio.com and can only be used with a listing on our site. Virtual tours are kept and can be used again on subsequent listings for only a $10 activation fee.