We are very proud of our virtual tours and so it’s hard to pick just a few to show. Anikio has created over 200 virtual tours in western Canada, including restaurants, virtual art galleries, retirement living, rental properties, land development projects, real estate, power plants, and more. As virtual tour experts, we pride ourselves on building bespoke projects that are tailored to meet our clients’ objectives and show everything in the best possible light. Just how many? Have a look below! Or scroll all the way down to the map and you’ll see that we have been around… 360 degrees around to be exact.

Virtual Tours
Square Feet

* As of Mar. 29, 2024. Views include tours published to Google Street View. Square footage from Google Street View outdoor locations (such as The Banks, Brighton, Grasswood Estates) not included. Where data is missing, square footage and views are estimated from other properties marketed similarly and shot around the same time.

We've Built Tours For:

Blackstrap Glamping Resort

We were delighted to work with Jane and Josh, two local entrepreneurs, to help launch their glamping site just south of Saskatoon with a full virtual tour of their all-weather domes. In addition to capturing each themed dome’s interior, an overhead aerial view shows nearby amenities and activities. Inside the Beachcomber dome, watch the snow appear out the window before your eyes and blanket the landscape. We also created a very successful Easter Egg hunt promotion where we hid one egg virtually in each dome. Over a 2-week period, almost 3,000 people scoured the domes, looking high and low (and taking in all the amenities while they were at it) and more than 550 people found all 4 and entered the contest. Visitors spent more than 3 minutes on average looking around the property. There are not many internet promotions that can boast that kind of engagement and we were thrilled with the results. Whatsmore, 94.8% of participants selected “Lots of fun!” when asked if they enjoyed the activity. You can get in on the fun, too and try our 2024 Easter Egg Hunt but unfortunately the contest is closed.

A planned update for summer will allow for more appropriate marketing of nearby activities and add additional photos and content that can drive interested parties to complete and book their stay. We can’t wait!


Open the Brighton virtual tour

With just under 10,000 files, this virtual tour of Brighton, a Dream Development neighbourhood currently being built out on the east side of Saskatoon combines high-resolution aerial photography, ground-level walkthroughs of parks, paths, and playgrounds, and even a virtual Easter Egg Hunt! Watch the sunset in 360-degrees at the Amphitheatre, learn about neighbourhood features, watch video featurettes, and stroll through kilometres of park or, if you prefer, jump to your favourite spots using the built in map system. This tour is intended to be a living document that will be updated as new phases are completed.

Want to try the Easter Egg hunt? Just click the link below! Otherwise, the thumbnail will start the tour without all the extra fun.

Brighton Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Africa 3D Photography Gallery

Overhead view of a 3D generated art gallery

While most tours use spherical imagery to generate a 3D-like experience where you move from point to point, this tour is our first to be based on a 3D model, rendered in real time. You can freely walk the space, explore photos by Dean Katsiris from an African tour in 2015, and tinker with the 3D model by changing walls, floors, and even the ceiling while you do so.

Edwards School of Business

Our biggest indoor tour so far in terms of scope and capability! A facility this large presents some challenges in remaining navigable and holding users’ interest.

With that in mind, this tour includes lots of content spread over three floors. Look up old grad photos on the kiosk near the stairs. Watch a short movie in the theatre. Learn about the Inuit and Indigenous art in the sculpture gallery. Meet the Dean, Keith Willoughby, in virtual reality. Watch the stock ticker scroll by. This tour features our first ever autonomous guided tour option that whisks you through the highlights, complete with narration. Or at any time, you can explore on your own (and jump back to the guided tour when you’re ready to resume). Some things you’ll only find exploring on your own.

Parkville Manor

Parkville Virtual Tour Portfolio Thumbnail Shows People Dancing in the Ballroom

As a senior’s residence, Parkville Manor was looking for a way to tour potential new residents and their loved ones through the facility without putting existing residents at risk due to COVID-19. We met with their sales and marketing teams and co-ordinated a tour that fit the budget and achieved their goals. Visitors can quickly navigate to feature areas, show suites, and even get put right in the middle of the dance floor during a Friday happy hour. And the sales team can walk through families and loved ones even though they live in different cities, provinces, or even countries, all at once, narrating the tour. You can even meet a few residents on the way and find out why they love Parkville.

Bravo Townhome Project

North Prairie Rentals was looking for a way to let investors from across the country and around the world connect with one of their latest projects. They wanted to let both current and potential investors walk the grounds and get excited about what their investment looks like as the final touches were completed. To enable a quick overview (literally), we start this tour in the air where it’s possible to quickly jump to an area of the development, walk through in a fashion similar to Google Street View, even hop over to see all the nearby amenities. Not only that, but you can enter two of the show suites that were filmed by another provider (using Matterport) that we were able to seamlessly integrate.¬†They were very happy with the result (to quote directly, “This is sooo cool! … I’m loving this!”). North Prairie rentals plan to offer this on future projects as they are completed and we are pleased to have a happy customer.

The Four Winds Estate

Because this 69-acre ranch is a bit removed from Saskatoon, the decision was made to build a microsite around the virtual tour. The whole ranch including an aerial is filmed in 360 degrees, but photos, a highlight video, brochure, and of course realtor contact information all are available with a click of a button within the virtual tour itself. The tour is custom branded with font and colour scheme for that realtor as well. On top of that, the realtor has the capability to host live guided tours, so they can easily walk clients or other realtors through an initial viewing, walking through rooms together online without driving out to the acreage or disturbing the current owners. A few extra little touches: the property brochure is laying on the table and can be opened there (as well as through the menu). The highlight video is playing on the basement television. You can even fire up the jukebox in the billiards room!

Saskatoon Hospital Home Lottery Showhome – Spring 2021

Anikio was chosen to create the virtual tour for this $2.5M, 4500 Sqft. showhome in Greenbryre, Saskatoon. With the showhome closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Decora Homes wanted to help promote the local suppliers who had donated time and product to make this an such an exceptional property. They were impressed with our ability to add custom information hotspots on feature elements in the home. In addition, the design team was excited about Anikio’s capability to show the home day or night. This tour was so special, we’ve created a list of the unique features you won’t want to miss. We recommend having this list open in another tab while you browse the showhome. But very quickly: Multiple states of same location (day/night, door open/closed), integrated floorplan, custom branding, live exterior panoramas, drone panoramas, feature hotspots, embedded video, video introduction, and more.

By the way, this was one of the fastest selling showhomes in the history of the Hospital Home Lottery. We know most of that is because of the talented team at Decora Homes, but we like to think that the thousands of people being able to tour the home from the comfort and safety of home had something to do with it also.

Oshun House Salon & Studio

Oshun House recently began offering a shared workspace environment for wellness professionals. They have three distinct areas: a salon, studio, and treatment rooms. Hair stylists, for example, can rent a station by the half-day and have access to a professional chair, mirror with lots of lighting, sink, and storage area for product. Or a massage therapist can rent a table in a private room with access to a prep room. Or a yoga instructor can host a class in the octagonal studio with ample parking in a central location. It is a fantastic way for someone to build their business in a professional setting without the risk of leasing full time and long term. We were excited to create a virtual showcase for this one-of-a-kind space and related amenities, promoting sales and offering tours around the clock.

Filosophi Restaurant

When Filosophi was gearing up to open their new Saskatoon restaurant in the middle of the COVID pandemic in 2020, their media team decided to put a virtual tour of the restaurant in place. Their goals were to show the restaurant’s steps to keep patrons safe, offer a Google Street View option for people looking them up online, and to have an embeddable branded tour for their website. More people search local businesses like restaurants on Google Maps than even on Google itself, and incorporating Google Street View has been shown to lead to more conversions to reservations in several studies.

Anikio created this virtual tour the morning of Filosophi’s soft opening, showing the beautiful redesign and lighting. In the first two months alone, over 3000 people have checked out the interior of Filosophi through our virtual tour and Google Street View.

Basement Rental Suite

The landlord was looking to reduce the number of in-person showings to save herself time and also limit the amount of disruption and risk for the current tenant during the COVID-19 pandemic. We created this virtual tour of her basement suite as well as the floorplan from a quick sketch of the basement and integrated it into the tour. We also included dynamic labeling in the top left of the tour that help give a better sense of the space.

Single-Family Home for Sale

When looking at a realtor to sell your home, one thing I always advise people is to look at their other listings. Katsiris Real Estate may be family to us here at Anikio, but we are proud that they don’t cut any corners in their listings and it shows. Professional photography and virtual tours are standard, not reserved just for high-end listings. More and more home buyers are shopping online initially, so standing out and getting attention is important. Home buyers spend 5-10x longer on listings with virtual tours. And when asked in a Realtor.com survey what the most helpful feature is in home shopping online, 61% ranked a virtual tour as most important… ahead of traditional photography or even accurate listing details! And it may come as a surprise that many sellers also preferred having professional photos and a virtual tour for their listing to realtor open houses.

The Banks – Grounds and Commercial Bays

In a large, mixed-use development near downtown Saskatoon, it’s not enough to simply see the commercial bay available for sale. The developer wanted interested businesses to be able to walk through the grounds, along the streets, and get a feel for the development location. Of course, Google Maps and Street View are options, but the last time they were updated, the project was still under construction. Anikio planned a 50-point virtual tour of the vacant commercial bays, courtyards and paths to walk through The Banks for businesses, investors, and corporate head offices.