Yes. The Saskatchewan Landlord Association, in its FAQ, is “recommending that any showings be conducted virtually and that only one person enter a unit to conduct the showing. Proper sanitation should be conducted before and after a showing.” At Anikio, we are happy to help landlords create a virtual tour for their rental. The virtual tour appears directly in the listing, and a potential tenant can easily walk through and look around while on a phone call or video chat while you’re both safe at home.

Alternatively, consider going to the unit yourself and conducting the viewing virtually through a live Facetime, Skype, or Whatsapp video call. If you must view in person, consider providing gloves and allowing tenants to look through the unit while they wait outside. Anikio does not recommend allowing non-virtual viewings of currently occupied rentals. Under no circumstances should a person with symptoms, in social isolation, or quarantine enter, meet, or have their dwelling entered.