Above: An example of a virtual tour showing construction and completion of a new build. Click and drag to move around and use the mouse wheel to zoom. You can also click and drag the separator bar to show a larger portion of either before or after the construction.

Home builders are increasingly using virtual tours to maintain a digital copy of their projects and floorplans, allowing new clients to explore standard designs and walk through without disturbing your previous customers in their homes. Anikio allows the flexibility of managing and hosting these tours for you to use on your website, providing files to self-host (saving you annual hosting fees), and even offering completely self-contained offline virtual tours that can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or even virtual reality headset!

Pre-Construction Virtual Tours

Turn your floorplan into a fully walkable tour. Got an in-house architect? Great! If they are able to produce a rendered still image, they can produce the 360-degree renderings we use to build the virtual tour! Here’s an example (not by us) that shows the capability of swapping finishes:

Documentation of Construction

When it comes to construction, so much of what makes a building stand the test of time is covered before the buyer ever sees it. Documentation of construction is a great way to show the quality beneath the drywall, but it’s also a way for the builder to find and fix mistakes without having to tear the walls apart looking for a missing light box or cutout location. And when it comes to documentation, 360-degree scanning captures 100% of the scene compared to still photographs or video walkthroughs. Nothing gets missed!

And homeowners will love having this record available for future renovations… truly something that can set your product apart.

Before and After Immersive Comparisons

Whether you’re doing renovations or want the ability to show a room or home in different configurations or stages of construction, a before and after comparison is a powerful tool that is even more powerful in 360 degrees.

Completed Home Virtual Tour

We all know that virtual tours are an ever-more important tool in selling real estate. But for home builders, virtual tours can also serve as the cornerstone in an online digital portfolio of your work. Not only do virtual tours of existing builds reflect your experience and expertise, but they also allow potential clients to walk through your selection of floorplans, helping with sales and reducing the amount of reworks when the final construction “doesn’t look quite like I thought it would.”

Due to our experience with rental housing, we have a cost-effective way for home builders to build a portfolio and host for you without paying thousands per year in hosting to companies like Matterport. In fact, we go one step further and offer the option to create a self-hosting package or a completely offline package for your PC or Mac (or even some virtual reality headsets).¬† Plus, our platform allows for branding, customized hotspots, integrated video or pop up windows, and even the ability to offer a live guided walkthrough. One other thing… we can digitally stage your virtual tour, clean up deficiencies (so your digital copy isn’t forever marred by a huge scratch in a feature wall), and edit the final images in ways that many other virtual tour providers can’t.

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