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Summer 2019 Updates

Sometimes you can see the changes and sometimes they’re behind the scenes, but we’re always working to make Anikio better! Here is some of what we’re doing and planning to do over the next few months:

What’s New

1) Email – We’ve improved the email that is sent to landlords when tenants fill out an inquiry form. In the past, an error in the way some email applications worked caused the Anikio logo used to get bigger and bigger as the email was written. Great as that might be for brand recognition, we’ve done away with that. Now emails look great no matter what you use to respond to them! Another small improvement is the ability to click the phone number and call a tenant back right from the email (thanks to a helpful user suggestion).

2) Easier Search – We found that some of our users didn’t even know that from the main page you could expand the selection within Saskatoon (or Saskatoon & Area) to see regions and neighbourhoods. We’ve made those arrows bolder, and easier to click for the chubby fingered. On top of that, there were a few pesky bugs with the Preferred Search not properly resetting that have been dealt with.

3) Direct Linking – In the past, when a listing was marked as rented by thje landlord, it would not be visible even if the user went directly to the address – they would get a 404 (not found) error. Now, users are shown the listing with contact information removed and a message stating that the property has been rented. Better for users, better for Google, better for all of us!

What’s Next 

1) Recently Rented Property – We’re working on a module that will let you view properties that have recently come off the market right from the home page (and evenutally as a page all its own). So that property you were looking at last week that disappeared – you’ll know it’s because the landlord found a tenant.

2) Photo Sorting – Some recent updates have created issues with our photo sorting not saving. We’re working very hard to fix this… and make it possible to do so from your mobile phone!



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