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Nothing Else Like It! Chantal Pasieka, Landlord

Check out Anikio for all your rental listings, they take professional photos and amazing virtual tours. There is nothing else like it! I listed one side of my duplex and had it rented in a few days. Dean and Gabe with Anikio are great to work with. …

Anikio Helped Make a Great Ad for My Condo David van der Ploeg, Landlord

Working with Dean and Gabe on creating a great an ad for my Condo was amazing. They responded to anything promptly and the virtual tour was loved by all the potential tenants. The virtual tour became one the best selling features showing tenants how the unit really looked and felt,…

Very User Friendly and Easy To Setup a New Ad Perry Li, Landlord

I had a wonderful experience working with Anikio to help me rent out my house. As someone with a full-time career and a young family, I didn’t have a lot of free time to work with. The website is very user friendly and easy to setup a new ad. I…

I Stopped Listing on Other Sites Gabriel Wong, Landlord (& Now Anikio Photographer)

It’s a breeze finding tenants with Anikio! The 360 tour cut out the unnecessary viewings and I had an uptick in applicants. I stopped listing on other sites. Anikio now is my go-to for listing rental properties – I like it so much, I joined as a part-time photographer…

No Vacancies for the First Time in Years! Norm Osback, Landlord & Realtor

I’ve been using kijiji for years & it has become cumbersome with few good results. I signed up with Anikio last month and have received many more & higher quality responses via Anikio. Now, for the first time in a couple years, I have NO vacancies! In my ads, I…

I’m a Huge Fan of This Website Kristy Vavra, Landlord

I had a great experience with the founder Dean. He is educated and kind, he gave me realistic advice and helped take photos for my property. I had so many more inquires after the pictures from Anikio, because of them my rental got more views and rented in 8 days.

Check out this amazing new capability we’re proud to offer to Saskatoon landlords – digital staging! Using one of our high-resolution photos, we can digitally introduce furniture to make a space feel less empty and more warm and help tenants envision themselves living there.

Staging, widely used in real estate sales, is impractical for landlords due to moving and rental costs, but by staging one or two key photos digitally, your property will be more eye catching and connect with prospective tenants.

Advantages of digital staging your rental unit(s):

  1. No move in scrapes or scuffs
  2. Stand out among other listings- now you’re marketing a home not a space
  3. Helps tenants imagine themselves living there
  4. Gives a sense of scale to the room

“… a neutral wall color and good furnishings do significantly influence perceived livability and overall opinion of the home.”  – Journal of Housing Research, Vol 24 Issue 1 (2015)

Before & After Photos

The feature of this room is the nice big window (and original hardwood floors), but the night shot and blinds not only don't show off the natural light and window but make the property look rundown and uninviting.

In this case, both photos are ours... but you can see how going the extra mile takes an empty room and makes it feel like home. All with 100% digital staging.

Bathrooms are the trickiest place to get a good photo. Wherever possible, we avoid portrait (tall) photos and work hard to capture landscape that shows a more natural view.

Personal photos, clutter in the hall, and writing on the glass closet doors (while an awesome feature) should be eliminated before taking photos. The wide angle lets us capture more of the room.

Night photos result in either dark shadows or really bright light (or both)... not to mention blurry, grainy images. Anikio uses professional equipment (including wide angle lenses) and combines multiple exposures to get the best possible result.

For bathrooms, sharpness and white balance translate into clean. Bathrooms are tricky (and this landlord did an admirable job with their phone) but a wide angle lens, distortion correction, good lighting, and a tripod make a huge difference in making the bathroom attractive.

Decluttering, good light, and a wide angle make a lot of the difference up here. Sometimes an objective, independent photographer makes a difference in knowing what stays and what goes.

Where necessary, we can do our best to optimize photos, clearing unnecessary items and applying colour correction, straightening, exposure adjustments and more.


Small Rental (<1000 sqft)

$130+ tax
$130+ tax
  • Includes two-month listing on Anikio ($40 value)!
  • Use our watermarked photos anywhere you market your rental
  • Includes high-res HDR Photos, Post-Processing, Colour Correction, etc.

Larger Rental (1000+ sqft )

$180+ tax
$180+ tax
  • Includes two-month listing on Anikio ($40 value)!
  • Use our watermarked photos anywhere you market your rental
  • Includes high-res HDR Photos, Post-Processing, Colour Correction, etc.

Digital Staging

  • At last! Affordable staging for landlords!
  • Recommended for feature photo
  • Make your space feel like a home