Getting to university by bus can be a little intimidating at first. If you know that you will be taking the bus at least part of the year, researching which areas best connect by bus can be even more difficult. So we’ve created this guide to help you understand where to live if you’re going to take the bus.

Rest assured, if you have enough time and strength of will, you can get to university by bus from almost anywhere in the city but it may take several connections, which can be cold, long waits.

Our Suggestion: Direct Routes Less Than 25 Minutes

Instead, we suggest you look in areas that have a direct bus route to campus. You aren’t going to want to spend more than a half hour just getting to campus. So let’s call it a 25 minutes plus a 5 minute or less walk to the bus stop. The guide below includes the range of bus travel times (no walking time) depending on where in the neighbourhood you are. It also includes the routes and main roads those buses ride on, arranged from closest to university on the bus path.

No Direct Bus to University

It is possible to get to U of S by bus from most areas with a transfer, but we are focused on direct routes as practical. If you find a rental in this area and need to commute to university, you may find it worthwhile to park and ride at a transit hub, cycle to a direct bus line, or try really hard to get a parking pass. All buses have a 2-bike rack in front year-round (first come, first served).


Using Bike & Bus

Most of the malls (Confederation, Lawson Heights, Market, and Centre at Circle and 8th) have transit hubs.

The following neighbourhoods don’t offer a direct university route: Aspen Ridge, Rosewood, Brighton, Briarwood, Exhibition, The Willows, Holiday Park, Hudson Bay Park, Massey Place, Parkridge, King George.

As well, most of the neighbourhoods listed on the 22nd St corridor have significant areas that are beyond a 5 minute walk from 22nd St and otherwise have no direct bus coverage. This includes Riversdale, Caswell Hill, Westmont, Pleasant Hill, Mount Royal,  Meadowgreen.

Direct Bus to University

These are bus ride times only (to or near Place Riel) and do not include walking times. Some routes – University Heights, Lawson) have shorter times to east campus (near Engineering, Agriculture buildings). We have tried to include main bus route roads to check your proximity when considering a rental location, listed best first.


Core Neighbourhoods (< 15 mins)

Downtown has many routes and times to the University. However, two others are the closest you can get to campus without living in residence. It is likely you’d walk or bike from these areas but for completeness:

Varsity View (17, 81, 82) 3 – 13 mins – Cumberland Ave, Clarence Ave

Nutana (13, 17) 3 – 13 mins – Clarence Ave, Broadway Ave


Nutana (7-37 mins)

Not to be confused with the Nutana neighbourhood, this area covers a lot of the area south of the university.

Grosvenor Park (82, 6) 7-15 mins – Main St, Preston Ave

Greystone Heights (82, 6) 9-15 mins – Main St, Preston Ave

Buena Vista (13) 13 mins – Broadway Ave

Holliston (6, 17) 12-16 mins – Preston Ave, Cumberland Ave

Brevoort Park (6, 81) 12-18 mins – 7th St, Arlington Ave, Taylor St

Haultain (6, 17) 13-16 mins – Clarence Ave

Queen Elizabeth (13) 16-18 mins – Broadway Ave, Clarence Ave

Avalon (17) 17-21 mins – Broadway Ave, Clarence Ave

Eastview (6) – 18-30 mins – Market Mall, Louise St, Arlington Ave, Eastview

Adelaide/Churchill (17, 6) 20-34 mins – Clarence Ave,

Stonebridge (17) 25-37 mins – Cornish Rd, Hunter Rd, Vic Blvd, Galloway Rd

Nutana Park (6) – 33 mins – Wilson Cres


University Heights (8-37 mins)

Sutherland is the undisputed king of student rental housing in the area, but in general well connected as the name suggests. Nelson Rd/Lowe Rd serves as a hub for some of the further areas and is a future BRT terminus. Buses run at 5-10 minute intervals from there during peak times. These connect and often continue without a transfer to Arbor Creek, Evergreen, and Willowgrove on routes 43, 44, 45, which run from Nelson/Lowe out and back.

Sutherland (18, 21, 26, 27) 8 – 19 mins – Central Ave, 108th St, Egbert Ave, Reid Rd

Erindale (45, 26)  11-19 mins – Kenderdine Rd

Forest Grove (26)  – 12-21 mins – 115th St, Kerr Rd, Gray Ave

University Heights S.C. (4) – 14 mins – Nelson Rd / Lowe Rd

Silverspring (27) – 18-22 mins – Rever Rd, Konihowski Rd

Evergreen (43) 19-27 mins – Evergreen Blvd, Baltzan Blvd

Arbor Creek (45, 26)  18-34 mins – Kenderdine Rd, Kerr Rd

Willowgrove (44) 20-37 mins – Stensrud Rd, Muzyka Rd


Lakewood & Lawson (10-33 mins)

Routes 101, 102 run directly to the university in the mornings only along McKercher Dr and around Kingsmere Blvd. The longer times tend to reflect the other routes.

Wildwood (101, 102, 81, 50) 10-24 mins – McKercher Dr, Taylor St

College Park (101, 102, 50, 18) 13-27 mins – McKercher Dr, 8th St, Acadia Dr

East College Park (101, 102, 18) 13-22 mins – McKercher Dr

Lakeview (101, 102, 50) 14-32 mins – McKercher Dr, Kingsmere Blvd

Lakeridge (101, 102, 55) 24-33 mins – Taylor St, Boychuk Dr, Kingsmere Blvd

Lawson/Silverwood (13) 18-34 mins – Warman Rd, Primrose Dr, Pinehouse Dr, Reindeer Rd


22nd St Corridor (16-22 mins)

Routes (60, 61, 62, 63, 65) – Several west-side buses run east-west along 22nd St. on the way to certain neighbourhoods. They all pass through the City Centre terminal but do not require a transfer. Be aware, though, that a single train can ruin your day! Away from 22nd St, these neighbourhoods do not have a direct bus to university, but along the corridor you’ll have good access to amenities and frequent buses on 22nd.

Riversdale/Caswell Hill 16 mins

Westmont 18 mins

Pleasant Hill 18-22 mins

Mount Royal 18-22 mins

Meadowgreen 22 mins


Far West Neighbourhoods (18-42 mins)

Routes (60, 61, 62, 63, 65)  – While there are direct routes from these areas in a pinch, we recommend looking elsewhere if you will be commuting by bus. None of these routes offer times below 25 minutes even in the best locations. And all cross a large swath of city and a rail line that can add 20 minutes all by itself. For completeness, we are including them regardless:

Confederation/Pacific Heights (60) 26-41 mins – Confed Mall, Diefenbaker Dr, John A MacDonald Rd

Hampton Village/Dundonald/Westview (63) 31-39 mins – Junor Ave, (East) Hampton Blvd, Richardson Rd, McClocklin Rd

Montgomery/Fairhaven/Parkridge (62) 28-42 mins – Fairlight Dr, Elevator Rd, Mountbatten St, Caen St

Blairmore/Parkridge (61) 36-38 mins – Hart Rd.

Kensington (65) 26-41 mins – Diefenbaker Dr, Centennial Dr



Full routes and schedules can be downloaded from Saskatoon Transit. The city also has a Transit app that, as far as we can tell, doesn’t work. Google Maps is your friend if you want to check options from a specific address. You’ll probably want to check look at arriving in the Place Riel terminal unless you’re in Engineering or Agriculture in the mornings. In that case, you may consider getting off near East road and walking to campus.